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Flavour Map


The Classics.

Six classic flavours:

33% White chocolate coconut ganache with toasted coconut and blonde chocolate base

35% Milk chocolate with sea salt

Coffee chocolate (a blend of 35% milk and 62% dark) in a 32% blonde chocolate shell

62% Raspberry dark chocolate 

35% Milk Chocolate salted brown butter hazelnut praliné

64% Madagascar dark chocolate (dark and fruity)

Nut Lovers.


Six nutty flavours:

Pistachio - 33% white chocolate and cardamom ganache over a creamy pistachio praliné

Sea Turtle - Sea salted oozy caramel and caramelized pecan praliné

PB&J - Your favourite childhood sandwich in a bonbon.  Strawberry "jam" and milk chocolate peanut butter praliné are the perfect pair in this unforgettable nostalgic treat.

Hazelnut - 35% Milk Chocolate salted brown butter hazelnut praliné

Almond - Fig crisps add bursts of fruity sweetness in this almond praliné

Maple Walnut - Dark maple ganache tops this toasted crunchy walnut praliné for a taste that is truly Canadian #ohcanada.