2020 Christmas Bonbons

Milk Chocolate

Caramelized Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt
Hot Toddy
Lemon Infused Tea and Chaga Rum in Milk Chocolate
Hot Toddy
Strawberry Black Pepper
Balsamic Dark Chocolate Ganache over Strawberry Black Pepper Pate de Fruit
Strawberry Black Pepper
 Pumpkin and Molasses
Caramel Pumpkin Ganache over Molasses and Muscavado 
Honey Rosemary
Honey Milk Chocolate Ganache under a Rosemary Caramel
Fresh Mint Infused Dark Chocolate Ganache
Mint Dark
Black Current Pate de Fruit
Pate du Fruit Cassis
Banana Amaretto
Caramelized Banana and Amaretto Dark Chocolate Ganache
Irish Coffee
Irish Cream White Chocolate Ganache over Coffee Milk Chocolate Ganache with Crunchy Cocoa Nib Base
Passion Fruit and Hazelnut
Passion Fruit Gel over Hazelnut Praliné
Persian Love Cake Mendiant
Cardamon and Saffron Infused White Chocolate topped with Pistachios and Rose Petals
Cranberry Orange
Caramelized Cranberry and Orange Milk Chocolate Ganache
Chai Truffle
House Blend of Toasted Chai Spices in Milk Chocolate Hand Rolled in Dark Chocolate
Raspberry Dark Chocolate Ganache
Maple Infused Caramel Milk Chocolate
Gianduja Topped with Candied Hazelnuts
Pear and Pecan
Spiced Pear Jam over Salted Pecan Praliné
Seaberry (Seabuckthorn) Pate de Fruit
Egg Nog
Nutmeg and Vana Tallin Liqueur
Pistachio and Raspberry
Pistachio Praliné Topped with Raspberry Crisps and Candied Pistachios
Plum Pudding
Rum Macerated Raisins in White Chocolate Ganache
Gingerbread Butter Ganache
Pecan Mendiant
Milk Chocolate Topped with Toasted Pecans and Hawaiian Black Salt
Yuzu and Hazelnut Infused Dark Chocolate Ganache
Birthday Cake
Vanilla Bean and Cake Sprinkle White Chocolate Ganache