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Ukraine - Case of 30 bars

Ukraine - Case of 30 bars

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Red Fife wheat is my favourite grain. I use it to make sourdough bread for my family and friends.  As a chocolatier I have been planning to make this bar for a long time. It is a combination of my two food passions - bread and chocolate. I personally made sourdough bread using Red Fife wheat from Gold Forest Grains. I toasted the bread crumbs, mixed in a little browned butter, and added them to creamy milk chocolate with a hint of Newfoundland Sea Salt in this very special bar.

Given the current crisis in Ukraine I am using this bar to help those desperately in need.

According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, Red Fife is Canada’s oldest wheat. Based on a legend, a load of wheat grown in Ukraine was on a ship in the Glasgow harbour. A man dropped his hat into the red-coloured wheat, collecting a few seeds in the hatband. He then shipped them off to Farmer Fife in Canada. The wheat grew. The family cow managed to eat all the wheat heads except for one, which Mrs. Fife salvaged. This was the beginning of Red Fife wheat in Canada.

Fact: Canada has the third largest population of Ukrainians in the world.

Thank you, Ukraine, for your contribution to Canadian culture and food.

Compass Chocolates is selling bars to raise money for the crisis in Ukraine. Each Ukraine bar will retail for $10.  We are asking for resellers and individuals to pre-purchase a case of 30 bars with a 10% discount ($270/case). This 10% off is to cover any transaction costs. There will be no shipping charges. The point is not to make money on this particular item.  Rather, together, we can make a difference.

You can send email transfer to or order here.

Compass Chocolates is donating all our own time and labour to this cause.

100% of profits will be donated to World Central Kitchen ( This organization is using local bakeries, restaurants, and staff to make a huge and immediate difference. They are a hands on the ground initiative by Chefs, feeding people in need in Ukraine.

To those whose lives are impacted by war our hearts are with you.